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Conversa Portuguese is an innovative virtual school specializing in teaching European Portuguese. Our school doesn’t just offer online lessons or a plaftorm. It combines both methods so that students can accelerate their language learning progress.

Why learn European Portuguese with Conversa?

Online Lessons 1,5h online lessons

Personalized learning

We plan our lessons and build our materials according to the student’s level of language, as well as their goals, needs, and challenges.

Language and culture

We develop language skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening), but also metaphorical and intercultural skills, which enable students to communicate effectively in different cultural contexts.

Experience and qualifications

Over 22 years of experience in designing teaching materials and teaching Portuguese as a second  language. Bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and completing a PhD in Portuguese Studies.



Self-study room

Materials for self-learning (dictionaries, quizzes, games, videos with grammar explanations, and other interactive exercises).

Reading room

Chronicles, short stories, and poems by Portuguese writers and poets with explanations and/or translations into English of difficult vocabulary and cultural and historical references.

Digital library

Repository of Portuguese TV series, films, music, newspapers, radio, videos on literature, painting, gastronomy,
museums, etc.

The Conversa Experience

Led by Cláudia Taveira’s more than 22 years of personalized, dedicated instruction to students from all over the world, Conversa Portuguese is a virtual school that tailors each and every online lesson to the unique needs of student, backed by our robust online learning platform of lessons, materials, and interactive resources.

See how Cláudia’s highly qualified and engaging instruction empowers her students to speak European Portuguese in a way that best serves their specific goals and purpose.

See The Conversa Experience

Getting Started

We know learning a second language can be intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. Our instructors simply love to teach, providing a welcoming, friendly environment for students new and old to better their lives with what Portuguese means to them. Here’s how to learn European Portuguese with Conversa in three easy steps.

Schedule a Free Lesson

You submit a contact form or give us a call to schedule your free, 40-minute introductory online lesson via Zoom. This lesson will uncover your existing knowledge of Portuguese, your preferred learning style, your goals with the Portuguese language, and how best to get you there.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

You complete your free lesson virtually and, if you would like to continue, gain full access to Conversa's extensive library of lessons, resources, and engaging materials for self-study, available to you at no additional cost on a 24/7 basis.

Progress Through Your Lesson Plan

You continue along your personalized lesson plan with your instructor, progressing toward speaking European Portuguese capably and confidently with each 1,5 hours lesson – paired with all the free resources in our online learning platform to help you learn even quicker. It's that simple!

Visit the Conversa Portuguese Virtual School

From on-demand lessons to a library of supplemental materials and resources, the Conversa Portuguese Virtual School has everything you need to practice the language and to take your instruction to the next level. You can start practicing now for free with our open-access resources.

Visit the Virtual School

Why Learn European Portuguese

Whether you’re an expat in need of European Portuguese for business, a student preparing for an exam, or a traveler getting ready to visit Portugal on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, we are ready and waiting to tailor our highly qualified, immersive learning experience to your unique goals. Here are just a few of the most common types of students we see within our program.

  • People with family in Portugal, but also in Angola, Mozambique, or Timor-Leste
  • Children and teens learning Portuguese
  • Expats living and/or working in Portugal and in other Portuguese-speaking African countries and Timor-Leste
  • Students preparing for school and CAPLE exams, such as CIPLE
  • People in need of Portuguese for business
  • People visiting Portugal on holiday
  • People looking to broaden their cultural horizons
  • People that simply love the language and the culture

Course Packages

We understand that everyone’s goals and timelines can vary, which is why we offer several different options when it comes to building your own personalized learning plan.

Not sure which is right for you? We are here to help, and are happy to discuss during your free, introductory lesson.

General Portuguese/for Specific Purposes

All general Portuguese lessons and lessons for specific purposes (except for the free, 40-minute trial lesson) are 1,5 hours lesson online lessons that come with full access to the Conversa Portuguese Virtual School.

Please note that all prices shown are total for the package, not per lesson. Group lessons are for 2-3 people.

Single lesson

One-on-one: 36€
Group lesson: 45€

4 lessons/mo

One-on-one: 140€
Group lessons: 172€

8 lessons/mo

One-on-one: 272€
Group lessons: 336€

12 lessons/mo

One-on-one: 396€
Group lessons: 492€

16 lessons/mo

One-on-one: 512€
Group lessons: 640€

20 lessons/mo

One-on-one: 620€
Group lessons: 780€

Solidarity Program

You can help us to build a better world while learning how to speak Portuguese.

For each lesson taught, Conversa Portuguese will contribute one euro toward a solidarity project. You can choose to have us contribute to one of the following:

Referral Program

Invite Your Friends to Learn Portuguese With Us

If they accept and remain with us for two months, you will receive one free Portuguese lesson for each student you refer.

Take Our Placement Quiz

Curious how your knowledge of European Portuguese stacks up? Our placement quiz will give you an idea of your baseline knowledge and your language level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper intermediate), and C1 (Advanced).

Take The Quiz

Hear from Our Students

“Cláudia always came prepared and tailored the lesson to specific things I wanted to work on. She clearly put a lot of time and thought into preparing the lessons. In my many years of teaching and studying, I would say Cláudia is one of the top teachers I’ve ever encountered. She really knows how to connect with students and how to teach a foreign language, which is not easy to do. Cláudia has a true love of the language, loves teaching, and will go more than the extra mile for her students. Whoever studies with her is lucky because she gives her all to help her students’ language skills improve.”

- Paul, Maryland, USA

“Cláudia is simply the most amazing teacher. She is professional, well-prepared, her knowledge of the language is obvious, and she is able to explain things simply and effectively. The classes are interesting, informative, and fun. Cláudia really cares, and she goes above and beyond to help her students. She has really helped my grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and perhaps most importantly, my self-confidence when speaking Portuguese. I highly recommend Cláudia’s classes.”

- Clare, England

“Cláudia is an excellent teacher, and these are the best language lessons I have ever had. I need to speak Portuguese because of my professional life. Before Cláudia, I had some free trial lessons with other teachers, and I could see that she was the best. Her qualifications and experience really make a difference. I was a total beginner; I couldn’t say a word in Portuguese! I can have a fluent conversation now thanks to her experience, methodology, and structured lessons. She always prepares my lessons according to my needs and the e-learning platform also helps me a lot.”

- Klaus, Germany

“I truly enjoyed my Portuguese classes with Cláudia as they were really adapted to my needs, expectations, and learning possibilities. I managed to systematize my knowledge, greatly improve my oral expression, and understand quite well some difficult parts of Portuguese grammar. Cláudia also is able to explain quite difficult things with easy language and always gives many examples. That helps! And she is very patient when needing to explain something again and again. I think Cláudia views teaching more as a challenge than as a job. For me, it was a very good experience.”

- Anna, Poland

“Cláudia starts with the basics and builds on that. She’s very cultural and knows everything about the language and the culture. She and I immediately clicked and I felt very comfortable with her. She takes the time to build a relationship with you.”

- Linda, Portugal

“Cláudia made learning fun, she incorporated the culture into her teaching, she tailored the class to our needs, and she encouraged us to love learning the language and the culture.”

- Genoveva, Australia

Let's Get Started

Ready to embark on your exciting new journey with the European Portuguese language and culture? Book your free, introductory lesson today to take the first step toward Portuguese fluency.

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